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Community Interests

Improving Awareness is Key to Making a Difference

Community Interests: Issues

The Environment

The Stakes are High

With wildfires becoming an almost yearly occurrence, and other climate threats to our environment, the need for emergency response plans, and consistent preventative maintenance awareness is more important than ever. Residents of communities like ours, susceptible to these environmental risks, should know what to do, who to turn to, and where to go when the need to prevent, protect, or parry from a crisis, arises. 

I want to work with the NWNC board, the local authorities, and emergency response organizations, to heighten and track resident awareness progress on what to do when faced with an environmental threat or emergency.

If you would like to find out more information about this issue, as well as others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Our Number One Priority

Working to ensure we live in a community that prioritizes public safety, results in an optimism to thrive, and the confidence to build practices that continuously improve our quality of life. 

As a resident who values the condition of our sidewalks and infrastructure, the traffic safety on our roads, the caretaking of our green spaces, and cares about protecting personal and property safety—I am committed to working with our local government and law enforcement community to voice needs, understand the challenges faced, then present ideas for improvements, and work collectively to create actionable plans that we can immediately benefit from and communicate to all stakeholders. 

Public safety should always be the number one priority of every elected official. 


For a Better Future

Sustainability is about taking short-term steps to gain long-term advantages. It’s about survival and a resiliency to thrive so that future generations can benefit from the decisions we make today. 

When I envision prosperity in the future, I always begin by looking at the state of our educational, occupational, behavioral, environmental, and extra-curricular programs and services available today. I wonder how effective, inclusive and accessible they are to those in need, and question how we can do more. As someone who believes we can do more, I want to share my ideas with the NWNC to support the many programs already in existence, introduce new ones, and make the information sharing of available services, and resources easily accessible to everyone. 

The more we know, the more we grow!

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